Deep Dish | Rumors | Visionquest at Loveland ADE

  • Wo? Mediahaven Amsterdam, Moermanskkade 107, 1013BC Amsterdam
  • Wann? -

Line Up
Deep Dish
Guy Gerber
Butch , Chaim
Laura Jones
Lee Curtiss
Matthew Dear
Miss Kittin
Ryan Crosson
Shaun Reeven
Steve Rachmad
Tobi Neumann

Deep Dish | Rumors | Visionquest
The Saturday sees the reunion of a world-renowned Grammy Award-winning duo. Sharam and Dubfire, better known as Deep Dish, are returning to The Netherlands after eight years. The famous duo is joined by two labels. Rumors has just been founded and just found its own residency at Ibiza with Guy Gerber at the helm. Visionquest has been around a bit longer and had a huge year in 2013.

In the centre of Amsterdam located in the Houthaven lays Mediahaven. A never before used location making his debut in our capital’s nightlife this October.

Mediahaven is a three rooms connected location with first-class facilities. The rooms vary from a 12 metre high ceiling to a basement with a grungier feel to it. And best of all, it has amazing acoustics and there are no sound restrictions whatsoever! Of course, we will take full advantage of this with a state-of-the-art sound system.

The location is easy to reach and located just ten minutes by bike from Amsterdam central station.   

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