Heroes Berlin w/ Paul BlaZe

  • Wo? 808 Berlin, Budapester Straße 38-40, 10787 Berlin
  • Wann?
    Continuing on from what we did last time with you guys we're bringing you some specials for our next get together. You can just go ahead and leave your New Years resolutions and your cape at the wardrobe and party it up with us! 

    Heroes Berlin stands for high performance (partying) and to give you the guarantee, we're starting off with our first international guest this year called DJ Paul BlaZe.

    For those who don't know who we're talking about, he's the number one and the "shhh" when it comes to turn-ups in our lovely neighbor country! Supplying you with the hottest beats at present. 

    So don’t miss out on this fam! #NoCapesNeeded

    Yours truly,
    808 x Heroes Berlin

    #PaulBlaze (Vienna)
    #Maxxx (Berlin/Hafti DJ)
    #Wigm (Berlin/FFM)

    HipHop x Trap x Future Sounds 

    #Bar opens at 9pm
    #Party starts at 11pm

    Private Seating Area_

    808 Berlin
    Budapesterstr. 38-40
    10787 Berlin

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