Industry Nights

  • Wo? Sodom & Gomorra, Torstraße 164, 10115 Berlin
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Industry Nights

The coolest party of the week on the most unorthodox night of the week!

La Tuesday boasts celebrities, socialites and people from the nightlife industry, and of course, a party to get the week started right!

Feiert mit uns dann, wenn die Langweiler schlafen!
If you don't know, don't worry...

Eintritt: FREI

40% auf alle Spirituosen und auf alle Flaschenpreise!!!
-> Gin Tonic 5,40€
-> Champagner Moet Imperial 0,75L 87€
-> Belvedere 1,75L 225€

Doors open at 21.00 Uhr

Table reservation is recommended: or call us +49 1525 4204186

Valet Parking Service in front of the club

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