Mechatronica x Acid Avengers w DMX Krew, DeFeKT, Chris Moss Acid

  • Wo? Griessmühle, Sonnenallee 221, 12059 Berlin
  • Wann? -
DMX Krew LIVE [Hypercolour, Rephlex, Shipwrec]
DeFeKT LIVE [Earwiggle, Acid Avengers]
Chris Moss Acid LIVE [Shipwrec, 030303, Polybius Trax]
Acid Washed (official) [Record Makers]
Soul Edifice [Acid Avengers, Vernacular]
Dj Wahid Paradis [Wet Delights]
Sarah For Sure b2b DJ Hirax [Cases of Madness]
NMRS [Kommando Records]
MEJLE [Mechatronica]
ElectroDon [Mechatronica]
Milan Hermess - DJ [Mechatronica]

​In collaboration with Acid Avengers, Mechatronica presents another 24 hours at Griessmuehle incl. a special extended live session in the main room from 03-06 with DMX Krew, DeFeKT and Chris Moss Acid working their machines, one hour each.

Afterhour runs all morning and day untill 10pm in the indoor/outdoor wintergarden - half-price entry from 8am.

With an eye in the past and a foot in the future, Acid Avengers aims at federating the vibrant acid scene, with a particular focus on the French underground. The label pairs artists from different countries in order to celebrate and reinvent the hallucinated sounds of the golden age of rave, which has so far materialized in a series of split 12" releases by UMWELT, VOIRON, Dez Williams, Jaquarius and many more.

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