Mittwoch: Set In Motion Allnighter x Lewin's Birthday

  • Wo? Watergate, Falckensteinstr. 49, 10997 Berlin
  • Wann?
Time for another Mittwoch on the Waterfloor. But not just any Mittwoch. This Mittwoch is special. This is THE Mittwoch.

Cause for celebration? Our dear friend, brother (from another mother) and overall sweetheart Lewin fucking Paul is celebrating his birthday. So you just know it's gonna be wild.

Also: this will be our last Set In Motion at Watergate, as we've decided to explore other opportunities and party concepts. We want to thank everyone there from the front door to the backoffice, as they have been nothing but supportive and welcoming of us for this past year!

As always: once you've attended, there is no possibility to work on thursday, so use those leftover vacation days and join us (you'd probably use them for some city trip anyway and those are so 2018)

we are good to you

Lewin Paul
Room Service (live)

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