Moscow Death Brigade – Record Release

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Moscow Death Brigade – Record Release
What We Feel / Stage Bottles / Mister X

On February 23 Moscow Death Brigade – a circle pit hip-hop phenomenon from Russia – will take over the legendary Berlin venue SO-36 to present its long-awaited new studio album “Boltcutter”. MDB will be supported by its long-time friends and veterans of European hardcore/punk scene: Moscow Antifa-hardcore pioneers What We Feel and Minsk street punks Mister X – both bands will also present their fresh split album, released by Audiolith / Fire And Flames Music. The special guest of the show will be the legends of European Oi! Scene – Stage Bottles.

Gig in SO36 will be a part of Moscow Death Brigade European tour in support of the band’s new album which is to be released in January 2018 by German label Fire And Flames and is going to introduce the world to the next level of Circle Pit Hip-Hop: a mixture of ear shattering proportions with influences from Drum’n’Bass, Dancehall, Rave and Grime, energized by Hardcore-Punk attitude and layered with machine-gun Rap flow, lyrically exploring topical social issues and wrapped in the band’s unique style and tone. With the new record the ski-mask wearing and track-suit sporting gang sets a new standard of sound, blending together the atmosphere of the moshpit with a spirit of illegal rave parties and unleashing a beast powerful enough to break down the walls, borders and stereotypes.

Initially created as a full-on DIY team back in 2007 MDB has become one of the most welcomed independent touring acts in the European punk, hardcore and social activist scenes, moving from the self-organized gigs in basements and abandoned buildings to the packed clubs and festivals. The band is known not only for its ability to turn any venue into a massive raging moshpit but also for its strong position against racism, sexism, homophobia and war-mongering.

What We Feel are the pioneers of Antifascist hardcore in Russia. The band was formed in a dangerous time for the local scene, when the Neo-Nazis ran the streets and almost completely controlled all the areas of the subculture. The band became one of the key players opposing the White Power monopoly on Hardcore music and soon obtained a cult following both in Russia and Europe due to its aggressive music, straightforward message and intense touring. Together with MDB What We Feel regularly back their positive message with action: organizing and taking part in various benefit events in support of the victims of Neo-Nazi attacks and police brutality worldwide.

Mister X are one of the oldest street punk bands from Belarus, known for its uncompromising Antifascist position and active touring around Russia and the CIS. The band delivers the classic sound of working class underground music with an aggressive but positive and thought provoking message.

The special guest of the gig are the true veterans of European Oi!/street-punk scene – Stage Bottles, singing their angry but melodic street hymns since 1993. The band not only represents the old school Antifascist scene but also demonstrates its unique music style – a blend of classic Oi! Sound and the front man Olaf’s piercing saxophone solos. The band has stood up for its ideals many times – including their risky performance in Russia despite the numerous threats from the Russian Nazis who presented a real threat at that time.

Don’t sleep, come to SO36 on January 23, jump in the pit and sing along the anthems of unity, friendship and equality with us!

Moscow Death Brigade – Record Release (LP on Fire and Flames Music)
Hardcore/Techno/Rap band from Moscow (Russia) – combining punk/techno instrumentals with rap flow and social and political lyrics.

Moscow Death Brigade – Record Release (LP on Fire and Flames Music)
Hardcore/Rap band from Moscow (Russia), combining hip hop rhymes and beats,
punk/metal instrumentals and political/social lyrics.

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