Piñata Stomp with the Musicmope

  • Wo? Suzie Mambo, Veteranenstraße 16, 10119 Berlin
  • Wann?
Sink, Sunk, Sank with The Musicmope as he plies his pliers to the teeth of SUZIE MAMBO the better display his plaque of regret among the smiles of the Berlin day-to-night-to-day.

Small Minded Big Bands, Decrepit Rock, Sixties R'n'B, Garage-Psychosis, Pimple Popping Post-Punk & Fattening Funk, Soul Jazz Spazz, Orgiastic Bossa Nova, Off-Color Chicago Blues, Athiestic Soul, Acid-Drenched Germans, Vaguely Racist Exotica, and Subliminal Messages that never seem to get me what I want.

If you bring a record for me, I won't play it, but I will keep it. The same with promises.

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