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BOX1: Buttering Trio (Raw Tapes/IL/D) + Flako (Project: Mooncircle/CL) + LeBob (BeatGeeks/D) + Marian Tone (Beatkollektiv/Wedding Soul/D)

Raw Tapes: A night of pure beats ' n butter

Buttering Trio
The trio of neo-soul from Tel Aviv, Rejoicer, Beno and KerenDun are all musicians and producers, their live show is a non-stop experience, a psychedelic groovy journey into their subconscious minds.
A combination of loop-based beats with live instruments (saxophone, vocals, synths and bass) creates a natural flow of atmospheric sounds, jazz explorations and broken rhythms layered with smooth yet poignant vocals.

Natureboy Flako
Originally driven by a love of instrumental hip hop, Flako' s early MPC sketches were built from a warm, organic sound driven by Latin percussion reflecting his German-Chilean heritage.
Over the past few years Flako has focused on expanding his sound into new places. His approach now sees him combining live instrumentation, synthesisers and his own voice into more detailed and intricate compositions.
Inspired by a rainbow of origins - from the ambient music of Vangelis, to Cumbia absorbed from his roots, Flako’s music transcends genre and regional music forms.

LeBob (BeatGeeks)
The Curator of the Berlin Collective - BeatGeeks, Party promoter & vinyl selecta// DJ. LeBob brings all that’s good from Jazz to Glitch, Bleep to Hip Hop, all genres and varieties of high quality instrumental music. Captivating the ear and the heart every time.

Marian Tone (Beat Kollektiv / Wedding Soul)
Marian is a Berlin based DJ, producer, promoter & one of the founders of Beat Kollektiv. Marian started to spin and dig in the crates in 1999. Since then he has been digging strictly good and soulful music without caring about genre boarders. Marian released 2 EPs on Dooinit Music, influenced mostly by Jazz, Hip Hop, Beats and North African sounds.

(VVK 8 EUR (Early Bird) / 12 EUR zzgl. Gebühr, AK 15 EUR)

>>> Freetix? Mail bis Freitag, 15 Uhr zurück mit Betreff BUTTERING TRIO. Die Gewinner werden bis 18 Uhr benachrichtigt.

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