Rituals X Deestricted

  • Wo? Suicide Circus, Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin
  • Wann?
marum [mina, suspension]
BEIN live [Theatre Records, august]
Gian Marco Ricci [Deestricted]
Elios [Deestricted]

Deestricted is a Berlin based party, managed by the techno squad members from the event company Meet Compact Club. It is the darkest side who aims to explore the boundaries of raw industrial sounds through loud beats and ripetitive rhythms in several artistic ways.

On Easter Sunday 21st takes place a mystical celebration combining creative art and music experience. At daytime is presented the art exhibition titled "In nomine meo" which consists of an intrapersonal investigation to comprehend ourselves individuality and limits. When the night takes over, our souls will be driven by Marum, the new project Bein and the dark forces of Deescrited's resident djs Elios and Gian Marco Ricci delivering tasty techno dishes till the end. Art by day. Hard dance by night. Amen!

art exhibition by Dogma IX 'IN NOMINE MEO'

In nomine meo (in my name) is nothing short of an intrapersonal investigation, a research journey aiming to satisfy the need of fully comprehending one’s individuality and limits, where the only given hint is also the starting point: the others. Only by analyzing and making comparisons with other individuals, things, areas and spaces containing us and our movements it becomes possible to identify a shape that somehow resembles ourselves. Puzzlement and doubt are what push men to create beliefs, traditions and customs rather than finding a permanent solution and filling the void generated by the need of a sense of belonging, which seems to be vital.

A single individual gets lost in the shadow of something bigger, more complete and even divine, some sort of tool unconsciously used to magnify their self-worth while ignoring how fragile and material human nature actually is. Beliefs collapsing and dogmas breaking down are like flesh and blood for men au fait with evolutions and transformations, ready to embrace change rather than bowing down to convention and this becomes achievable solely through self-reflection and expressing in one’s name and individuality.

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