Rituals x Holotone

  • Wo? Suicide Circus, Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin
  • Wann?
Line Up //
Dadub *live* [BASSIANI, Stroboscopic Artefacts, Holotone]
Koichi Shimizu *live* [Holotone]
☛ Linus Gabrielsson [Holotone]
☛ Rell [Holotone, ZwischenWelten]


Holotone is delighted to present its Showcase @ Suicide Circus, hosted by Rituals. The Berlin-based label will celebrate “Nusuth”, recently released by Dadub and featuring an astonishing Ena Dub Version.
For the occasion, the italian duo has been invited to perform one of their well known Live Shows, alongside with the Holotone artist and modular wizard Koichi Shimizu.
The event opening will be graced by the music selection of the Berlin Community Radio and Holotone resident Linus Gabrielsson and it’ll be closed by the fury of the demon-summoner Rell. Be prepared for a night of free music expression, artistic visions, intensity and most of all Low Frequencies.

☛ DADUB (Holotone, Bassiani, Stroboscopic Artefacts):

Dadub, a project formed by Daniele Antezza and Marco Donnarumma, is dedicated to combine sound design and audio synthesis experimentation with the aesthetic and musical heritage of Bass Music and Dub.
Inspired by contemporary philosophy, science fiction, sound design and the material force of low frequency sounds, Daniele and Marco have been evolving the signature Dadub sound into what they call "Post- Apocalyptic Dub".
Their new music recently appeared with an exciting AAVV project for In Silent Series (alongside with Sigha, Positive
Centre and SNTS) and with an EP for Bassiani, “Rtituals Of Resistance”. They recently launched a a limited series of vinyl releases for Holotone, each of those will include a Dadub Original + a Version by other artists.

☛ KOICHI SHIMIZU (Holotone):

After more than 10 years of his carrier, Shimizu finally released 1st full album “Otolary” in 2015, start focusing on own music activity again. With his fully hardware set up, Shimizu has been performing live in several cities in South East Asia, Japan and Korea. And in 2016, he has toured Europe for the first time with Berlin based artist Inner8 also known as member of Techno duo Dadub.
In 2016, he has contributed one track for debut compilation album by Korean underground collective Constant Value. And this January, he has released “Wholetone EP” from Berlin based new label HOLOTONE.
Since 2015, Shimizu has been touring several countries with Apichatpong Weerasethakul's theater work “Fever Room” as a sound designer.


Like butter melting in a skillet, like stapling a squirrel to your fridge, like dreaming of seaweed in spite of yourself - I am a repository, a receptacle, a cash reimbursement for a journey that never happened, a figment of truth for the whole world to enjoy.

☛ RELL (Holotone, Zwischenwelten):

RELL is an experimental project founded by the Berlin-based Italian sound-engineer Gianmaria Dell’Aera in early 2017.
Inspired by the UK and local scene with metal roots he founded the party series, Zwischenwelten, in the same year - the collective is dedicated to spreading industrial noise nights, creating and engaging in memorable collaborations that result in striking live acts and performances that keep the underground Berlin community on their toes like FRET, JK FLESH, GROUP A, DADUB\ INNER8, UNHUMAN, OPERANT.
Rell’s music is a modern dystopic interpretation of Pandemonium.
A dark atmospheric cinematic scape with solid breaking beats, drawing and inviting its listeners to partake into into a journey into their own circle of perdition and filthy inner madness which resides feral in all of us.
After studying sound engineering and being involved the making of Zwischenwelten activities, he started to work as sound engineer at DADUB studio and collaborated with HOLOTONE label as well.

☛ HOLOTONE (Label):

Sound can be metaphorically compared to something which can show to our consciousness that reality is often not what it seems to be, exactly as the hypothetical holographic nature of our universe can reveal to our perceptions.
Holotone was launched in 2016 by Daniele Antezza (aka Inner8), half of Dadub duo and founder of the homonym Mastering Studio.
The music labels aim is to do not limit itself to any particular genre but rather emphasise the freedom of the artists to express their vision as they see fit.

BANDCAMP: https://holotone.bandcamp.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/holotone/
SC: https://soundcloud.com/holotone_editions
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/holotone_label/
MIXCLOUD: https://www.mixcloud.com/Holotone/
VIMEO: https://vimeo.com/holotone

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