Sabbat Re-union 2018

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Sabbat is Back



-Astrid Gnosis (Live )
Astrid Gnosis is a multidisciplinary artist, working mainly with sound, video and performance. Her practice revolves around themes of violence and urgency.

Through my practice the main interest is in creating semantic networks relating to the cognitive dissonance I experience and perceive inside western society. These maps or works navigate through its symptomatic disorders that are deeply rooted in social, mental and structural collapse.
It is in the moments on the brink of collapse where lucidity occurs and a path is cleared, better witnessed in hindsight as factors for change. The type of change is not my interest but rather simply the urge for it, without a particular focus, I simply
glorify discomfort as a state of being.

(Noise, techno, industrial, experimental.)
D.Forma is the alter ego of Mario G Ferrer, a Barcelona-based sound activist.
The interest and attraction for the extreme saturated and distorted sounds makes him to create a music project completely devoted to the most radical side of electronics, noise and experimentation. d.Forma is born thanks to the music inspiration of the electronic band “Asphalt!”, in which Mario was an active member and released albums on important label Spanish Caustic Records or in compilations for the German label Hymen Records. In 2003 d.Forma releases his first official album: a split work with the French artist HIV+ on the label Kubernoise. He played live in several acts and European festivals: la Inkorporation (Toulouse), the Nouxious Art Festival in Strasbourg (France), Sonar Festival or MUTEK.

After that, he makes several remixes and appears in some compilations like FUCK (First Edition) by the prestigious American label Hive Records; also the American punk label Inner Demons -owned by the musician of the Loss band (Spectre records)- is interested to release a limited edition with packaging deluxe of a CD3″ called “Inside Hurts”, 6 rhythm & noise tracks in pure state. Mario G. Ferrer is also the owner of the art & electronic music label Lovethechaos and is graphic designer for CD & Vinyl covers. Some good examples of his works are the covers he has made for international labels like Planet Mu, Spectraliquid, Creative Space or the american label Fake Idol Records.

-Lycurgus - live (Bunker/Panzerkreuz)
Coming from Thessaloniki, Greece, where he performed as a member of the improvisation collective “Fun With Nuns”, Lycurgus a.k.a. CXIxVI, “Goolyk” or “Sibilus Satanicus”, moved to Berlin in 2012 and later on participated as a resident live act at “OUR HOBBY IS DIFFERENT” parties, under the alias “Goolyk”.
Co-founder of “Templeyard Studios” collective that begun as a collaboration project with Miltiades, back in 2015, in Tempelhof, Berlin, they released their first short album, “Messages From A Better Destiny” on Athens-based “Echovolt Records” (EvR - 021), in 2016.
He also appears through solo projects or collaborations on labels such as “Das Andere Selbst” (D.A.S. 027, “Sibilus Satanicus”), “Phormix Tapes” (PHXT01), Lyon based “mélodies souterraines / late-night rec.” (SUBREC01338) and Mathematics Recordings (MATH093).
His latest vinyl release comes in 2017, from the legendary Bunker/Panzerkreuz (Panzerkreuz 1020), based in Den Haag.

Dj set
-KNAB (STVRM -Riga , Latvia)
KNAB is STURM founder and events series organiser, and an important figure in Latvian underground music. For more than 20 years he's been informing the Latvian audience on various forms of dark and industrial music via events, radio broadcasts and music distribution. He has also served as a mentor for local artists and scene activists, which resulted in forming of an industrial music subculture in Latvia, centred around STURM events and label. Besides that, he operates as a musician in projects Knauzers, Monkmort and Traur Zot.

-Angelic Sintesis ( Sabbat berlin)

-Tommi Tokyo (group A)

Visuals by Alexandra Macia

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