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Portion Control
Ms Gentur
Meta Meat
Gerechtigkeits Liga
DJS HIV+- Tamat - Broadcast Storm

Portion Control:
have been creating pure electronic dissonance for techno industrial pilgrims since 1980, rising as pioneers from the UK industrial electronics scene. the two members specialise in high pressure slabs of strident malevolent electronics.

MS Gentur:
German Industrial project since 1999, Hands Label.

Meta Meat:
meta meat is the collaborative project of two electronic musicians and composers: somekilos (half of 2kilos &More) and phil von (co-leader of von magnet) who share a deep passion for percussion and rhythms. the name meta meat associates the source of flesh (meat) with its passage beyond (meta). a very physical live act bound to propel our bodies and souls into another state, a state of release and trance, incarnating a wish to elevate our animalistic simplicity towards a higher conscience of being. Label: Antzen, Audiotrauma.

Gerechtigkeits Liga:
is a post-industrial multimedia project and was formed anno 1981 by Till Bruggemann in West Germany.

influenced by classic Dark Ambient/Industrial artists like Lustmord, Ah-Cama Sotz and the like, Mortaja worked for years only as a living room project. When he gave a demo to audiophob, Mortaja became quickly a member of audiophob

Industrial, Power-Electronics, Noise & Ambient

After a long cooperation between Eric Van Wonterghem (Prodam Berlin) and Pedro Peñas Robles (Unknown Pleasures Records) we are happy to announce him the first time in our lineup.

DJ Tamat & Broadcast Storm: Schlagstrom Resident DJS

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