Strictly Forbidden

  • Wo? ARENA BERLIN, Eichenstr. 4, 12435 Berlin
  • Wann?

OCD (Interzone - Berlin)

c l a r i s s e (Strictly forbidden / DEVOTION)

Fernando b2b D.Tracy

BasicDisarm (Build Your Tribe)
Styks (Build Your Tribe / Art Bei Ton)

Strictly forbidden is a radically new approach to the night experience. With our committed focus on bringing together divergent modes and methods of entertainment, Strictly Forbidden ultimately grants permission to those who want to experience, engage, and entertain a night that transcends boundaries.

By uniting live music/performance acts, installations, audio/visual effects, djs, Strictly Forbidden invites and encourages artists from diverse backgrounds to innovate ideas through collaboration, and the cultivation of concepts.

Therefore, our aim is to organise in a host location that would most successfully express our shared ethos.

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