Teen Top

  • Wo? SO36, Oranienstr. 190, 10999 Berlin
  • Wann?
We are stoked to announce Teen Top European Tour 2018!! ?#teentop2018europe

As you know, Teen Top debuted in 2010 with their first hit “Clap” ? and have made several others since then. You probably already hummed songs like “Miss Right” (긴 생머리 그녀), “Crazy” (미치겠어), “Rocking” (장난아냐), and “Love_is” (재밌어?)!

The Teens have now grown up. (They always grow up too fast ?) They’re more talented and handsome than ever! #OMO And this upcoming April tour holds a lot of surprises… (Hint: some may involve footwork ?). We are so impatient to (re)discover them on stage with you guys~~~ #대박

Here is how, when and where magic will happen:
20 April: Berlin, Germany @SO36
– CLASS A: includes 1st entrance + Meet & Greet + group photo (10 people per photo)= 150€
– CLASS B: includes 2nd entrance + Hi-Touch= 85€
– CLASS C: regular= 45€
Tickets can be found on www.me-shop.net and www.b7klan.com

See ya there!


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