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The Getae were an ancient tribe enhabiting the area of what is now Southern Romania and Northern Bulgaria.

Between the 5th and 3rd centuries BC, the Getae were mostly under the rule of the flourishing Odrysian kingdom.

Their lands were those of Gods and mistery, of heroes and glory. It is said here is the place were Orpheus, the father of music was born. Dionysos, the god of wine and religious ecstasy, found this people to be worthy of his eternal blessing, and granted them the muses and the nymphs, so they may always be entertained and surounded by beauty.

Line up:

Siamgda - /ANT-ZEN/ (live)

Haku Sungho & Jazoo Yang - /CONSTANT VALUE/ (Live Installation)

Horia H - /TRIBE/ (dj set)

Orbital Plane - / mnemony, TRIBE / (dj set)


ad immortalitatis ritual

Catalin Jugravu

musicorum Andrei Raicu

Visuals / Artwork:


Vlad Tataru

Entrance: 10

Resident Advisor:

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