Wolf City presents: High Spirits, Argus, Screamer, Diemonds

  • Wo? Urban Spree, Revalerstraße 99, 10245 Berlin
  • Wann?
high spirits finally come back to Berlin after their triumphant visit in 2015! „Motivator“ has been out for a while, positive vibes are still spreading around and soon these guys will be headlining arenas and travelling around in limousines. No hype, just SOLID ROCK. Fellow american heavy/doom colleagues Argus are on board for the tour and we caught the opportunity to add Screamer from Sweden and Canada's Diemonds to the line-up. Packing up the venue with Marshall stacks to the ceiling and let it explode in an orgy of smoking valves. Heavy Metal Galore to salute the arrival of the Fall and three years of Wolf City shows dementia!





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