ZwischenWelten #1Year

  • Wo? ARENA BERLIN, Eichenstr. 4, 12435 Berlin
  • Wann?
ZwischenWelten #1Year
Mick Harris aka FRET A\V
OPERANT Live (Instruments of Discipline)
Scarlit Port (NURSE)
Sirio Gry J b2b MXM (Liber Null, Monolith Records)
Rell b2b Øblvn (ZwischenWelten)
Palexia (Supernova, ZwischenWelten)

It's already one year of ZwischenWelten, for which we'd like to thank everyone who's been involved artistically and of course the wonderful crowd who have supported us too. The time to properly celebrate ZwischenWelten's anniversary has come.
On this occasion, we are glad to have several artists coming from different Berlin realities, next to a guest who's a legend for the Music Scene and has especially been influential to us and inspired our music. We are honoured to host Mick Harris - already known as Scorn, Monrella and who was a member of Napalm Death - he will this time perform as Fret alongside a visual performance by Stormfield.

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