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The band formed in July 2013, and settled into its current lineup in August of that year.

Band-Maid are a 5 piece rock band with a maid cafe image.

~An impossibly hard rocking maid band~

While producing the appearance of maids on one hand - dressing in maid outfits, calling live shows "services", and addressing audiences as "sir" and "madam" - they fascinate those who view their hard rock sound as contrary to their visual style, and are already being rapturously received by "sirs" and "madams" not only in Japan, but all over the world.

In March 2016, the band held its first world tour at 9 places in 8 countries, playing to crowds of over 7,000 people.

In 2017, the band held its first solo tour, playing 8 sold out shows in 6 countries.

The final show of the tour was held at Studio Coast in Shin-Kiba on November 24th, selling out the day it was announced.

An added show at Zepp Divercity Tokyo on December 9th was also a success.

In 2018 the band set forth on conquering the world, beginning with the release of the appropriately named album "World Domination" in February, and selling out Zepp Tokyo on their April tour.

A world tour began in June. The first date in Mexico sold out in record time on the first day.

Their 3rd single, "Start Over", was released on July 25th.

With a number of shows at Japan's biggest rock festivals set for August, a full blown Maid sensation is sweeping the entire world.

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