Musik Die Mich Antreibt mit Kevin De Vries

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Musik Die Mich Antreibt mit KEVIN DE VRIES [Drumcode]

Bass ist fühlen.
Fühlen ist Leben.
Leben ist Lieben.
Lieben ist Techno.

Wir freuen uns auf niemand geringere als
aus dem Hause DRUMCODE ❤️

KEVIN DE VRIES [Drumecode/Blakkshep)

Kevin de Vries is a young and coming Producer based in Berlin, Germany.
Showing his very own trance inspired techno sound with his first EP called „A Journey Through Life“ released on Complexed Records in 2015, he gained the support from the biggest Players in the Scene. Names like Adam Beyer, Richie Hawtin and many more started to support him.
With his Tracks „Eternity“, released on Adam Beyer’s renowned Drumcode Label, and „Time Traveller“, which was one of the most played tracks by no one else than Sven Väth in that Season, he had a successful year in 2016 and got signed by the well-known agency Blakksheep, where he joined the rooster alongside Sam Paganini, Johannes Hel, Sasha Carassi and others.
In 2017 Kevin started to play international shows including Festivals like Extrema Outdoor, Nature One, Winterworld but also played in clubs like Watergate, Borderline, Gewölbe, Studio Club, Melkweg or Sisyphos to name a few.
With a Remix by dutch legend Secret Cinema on his latest EP „Infinity“ on Unrilis, a collaboration with Suara’s Coyu and the continous support by names like Tale of Us, Pan-Pot or Joris Voorn, Kevin’s future looks very promising.

Support bekommt er von unseren zwei Helden
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unserem Technoiden
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Seit mit dabei und erlebt mit uns die DRUMCODE Premiere in Bonn ❤️

23:00 Uhr
Einlass 18+
N8Lounge Bonn

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