Onyxia s02e02 w/ Endlec

  • Wo? GoetheBunker, Goethestr. 67, 45130 Essen
  • Wann?

Tickets für Onyxia s02e02 w/ Endlec

Endlec, the [Greek Techno Renegade] is about to make the night even darker. Hailing from MORD label his furious and raw sound is spiced with '90s European techno and the flare of Detroit pioneers. He is constantly searching for groove and funk in his productions, no matter how hard the tracks are and as a dj he dwells in fast cuts, quick and raw mixing. Come and hear the [SKG Techno Assaulter] shake the walls of Goethebunker.

A place where soul, mind and music meet.
A place where everyone is equally free in spirit.
A place where radical sound fills the space.

Endlec [MORD/RAW]
medea. - dj [Tonfreunde]
Xavius [Onyxia]
SŒRS [Onyxia]
Black Process b2b D.I.C.E [Onyxia]

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