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With the imminent release of their adventurous new album ‘The Story Is…’ - SKINNY LISTER - today unearth the latest track to be found amongst its many riches: "Rattle & Roar". 

Following the explosive punk of “38 Minutes”, the ambient title-track “The Story Is…”, and the New Wave fizz of “My Distraction”, “Rattle & Roar” arrives as another sonic curveball to any listener trying to guess how this Story will end when the album drops on 1st March 2019 (via Xtra Mile Recordings). 

Harking back to the band’s earnest beginnings as intrepid folk-roots revivalists, “Rattle & Roar”, is a rum-slugging, foot-stomping, good-time tune. A souped-up shanty that wouldn’t sound amiss if sung from lungs of any crew heartily navigating the seven-seas, Skinny Lister it seems found inspiration for their latest track in the most fitting of situations. As Daniel Heptinstall of the band explains: 

“From ‘John Kanaka’, via ‘Raise A Wreck’ and ‘Beat It From The Chest’, we’ve always been keen to include a shanty element on our albums. Singing sea shanties in our local folk club is a big part of the band’s early history. “Rattle & Roar” though, was actually written while on board Flogging Molly’s Salty Dog Cruise last year - a great punk rock festival on a boat that sails around the Bahamas. I like to feel this has infused the track with some extra saltiness!”

As with the rest of the upcoming fourth studio release: ‘The Story Is…’, “Rattle & Roar” was recorded, produced and mixed with the producer extraordinaire Barny Barnicott (Arctic Monkeys, The Enemy, The Temper Trap). 
A loosely-based concept album, ‘The Story Is…’ anthologises a series of personal vignettes inspired by a chaotic few years for the band and binds them into 14 tracks of unmistakably Skinny-sounding rock’n’roll. Gather-in close and lend your ears as Skinny Lister rifle through ‘The Story Is…’ and pull out: scorched stories of aggravated arsonists (‘Artist Arsonist’), rib-tickling tales of regretful re-fuellings (‘Diesel Vehicle’), and even polemic pleas inspired by some of life’s hardest lessons (‘Stop & Breathe’). 

’The Story is…’ is released via Xtra Mile Recordings on 1st March 2019. Pre-order the album here:

With one of the most reputable live shows in the business (hailed as “a deafening and visceral experience” - The Independent, 5/5), Skinny Lister will also be touring ‘The Story Is…’ with a series of their tenacious live shows across the UK & Europe in 2019. 

Don’t miss your chance to become part of their latest adventures as the band embark on a two-leg UK tour, plus fix dates in Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, Holland and Belgium throughout the Spring. (Dates below). 


Photo: Phoebe Montague-Warr



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