Ulysses präs. Institut für Zukunft mit VC-118A, Perm & Neele

  • Wo? Tanzhaus West, Gutleutstrasse 294, 60237 Frankfurt
  • Wann?
Ulysses & Institut fuer Zukunft pres.:

VC-118A / Mohlao (live) [Delsin Records, On Board Music | NE]
Perm [Institut fuer Zukunft, KANN]
Neele [Institut fuer Zukunft, G-Edit]
Tommi [Ulysses, Midas Touch]

There will be a Punk concert ahead of the club night. (9pm)
For more infos, check the link below:
Ulysses Concert: Die Tunnel, Ufosekte, Nowaves

Samuel van Dijk is fascinated by contrasts. He explores the rough and the smooth, the loud and the quiet, the cerebral and the visceral in aquatic and naturalistic worlds where electro, techno, dub and ambient are blurred into one. This means that as both a producer and comprehensive live act, the Dutchman can take you from the furthest reaches of outer space to the depths of an oceanic abyss via crackling and frozen tundras. He does so under three aliases—VC-118A, Mohlao, Multicast Dynamics, but all are interconnected and related, with a modular approach to making and performing music meaning that a pumping breakbeat live-set can easily be transformed into an abstract sonic landscape by reducing and modifying elements, playing with textures and reworking structures.

SC.: https://soundcloud.com/mohlao
BC.: https://chaindata.bandcamp.com/

The live sets of Leipzig native Perm always stand out. Loopy, rough, analogue affairs, where anything can happen. It might be bleepy, blurring techno, sweaty acid, or ambient but it will always hit the right pulsatingspots. His DJ sets have proven him to be a versatile andunparalleled selector, having had the time to hone his craft with a well deserved residency at Leipzig’s Institutfür Zukunft. Techno, House, Disco and Acid – no matter what, he effortlessly combines all into an electrifying journey.

SC.: https://soundcloud.com/perm-3
Web.: http://www.perm-ssd.com/
RA.: https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/perm/

Leipzig-born Neele grew up influenced by punk and hardcore and the wild bunch of the infamous Conne Island crew in Connewitz, a club she eventually became a booker of.

One of Leipzig’s most versatile DJs, Neele is now a resident of the Leipzig institution Institut für Zukunft. She remains a political activist and a key figure in Leipzig’s feminist scene, particularly as a founding member of the G-EDIT crew.
Behind the decks she fears no genre limitations, never losing control nor falling into triviality. Her trademarked sound is energetic, bass-driven and UK inspired, taking in all manners of House, Techno, Acid and Electro. The type of DJ that can fire up a dancefloor at any given moment of the night.

SC.: https://soundcloud.com/nee-le
RA.: https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/neele

Artwork by Katharina Mährlen

bis 22:30: 10,-
ab 22:30: 15,- AK / 12,- FL

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