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  • Wo? MS Stubnitz, Kirchenpauerstraße 29, 20457 Hamburg
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An anachronism is a chronological inconsistency in some arrangement, especially a juxtaposition of person(s), events, objects, or customs from different periods of time.

± (SIC) [MX]
is an improvisation project by Julian Bonequi and Rodrigo Ambriz, hybridizes savage percussion and extreme vocals into spasmic states and possessive sensations. It ritualistically detonates the primitive and the ecstatic, intuition and self-induced alienation, the bold and the subtle through a series of short, explosive vignettes. "

± polv0 [CO]
is the pseudonym employed by Gustavo Méndez López for his solo electronic work informed by digital hybrids and sonic undercurrent.

± h_ri [AU]
h_ri is the solo project of Vienna based soundartist and performer Harald Stojan. Working in the broad field of soundarts effecting electroacoustic composition, sound installations and works for film and theatre as well as improvised vocal/electronic performance. Completed studies of audio engineering with a focus on psychoacoustics, and currently studying at ELAK Vienna focusing on voice and programming.

± Difficult Music
Known amongst much for the consistently versatile and exploring radio show "Difficult Music for Difficult People" sent from Hambur open radio station, FSK (http://www.fsk-hh.org/) DJ Difficult Music shares his incredible knowledge and extremely broad interests in music with more or less difficult people on the air or in the venue.

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