Kinetic · w/Rony Golding

  • Wo? ARTheater, Ehrendfeldgürtel 127, 50825 Köln
  • Wann?

For the last 20 years, Rony Golding has been a well known name in Cologne, playing at the most crowded stages, the same as in the dark underground ones. Our resident DJ Kiel Nagel takes the chance to celebrate his birthday, Alalkih joins the party and brings some friends with him, from Düsseldorf: BYTGEN and from Bonn: Müller & Philips 🎉

◉ Line-Up: (A-Z)
Alalkih (Kinetic Music)
BYTGEN (Freaqz)
Kiel Nagel (Kinetic Music)
MoritzMüller & Martha Philips (About, Schalter)
Rony Golding (Eclipse Recordings, Oscuro Music)


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