Luxury Stranger

  • Wo? Tsunami, Im Ferkulum 9, 50678 Köln
  • Wann?
Luxury Stranger return to play Tsunami Club for the first time since December 2013! Supports to be announced. Watch this space or check with the venue for more information.

For those new to the band, Luxury Stranger is a progressive post-punk / indie-alternative rock influenced band, formed in 2006.

Said to be "one of the UK's stand out dark alternative acts” (Sphere Magazine), the band has released critically acclaimed albums, toured independently both home and abroad, and built up a loyal and obsessive fan-base.

Luxury Stranger is hard to describe – it’s a sum of its parts but doesn’t sound like any other bands. Ask a fan / supporter of the band and they’ll say that LS has a drive and passion in its music which is very rarely seen and the live shows are like powerful animals trying to break out of a cage. The music is a melodic wall of sound giving a majestically slick, regimented, and artistically sexual cushion for the vocals of Simon York, “easily one of the finest vocalists in the UK right now." (Reflections of Darkness magazine).


Keep in touch and explore Luxury Stranger at and follow the band on Twitter at @Luxury_Stranger and Instagram at luxury stranger_band

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