ONYXIA w/ Remco Beekwilder/ Jeff Rushin/ Head Front Panel/

  • Wo? Bogen 2, Gladbacher Wall 5, 50670 Köln
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Remco Beekwilder [Monnom Black / Self Reflektion]
Head Front Panel Live [Tabernacle Records]
Jeff Rushin [Mote Evolver]

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Fairly new to the scene, but already way ahead of his game, Remco Beekwilder is taking the world by storm. The Dutch dj/producer has been releasing EP’s steadily on imprints such as Monnom Black, self reflektion and Binary Cells over these past three years, while also playing gigs all around Europe. With his energetic and deep sound, clearly rooted in techno, Beekwilder quickly marked his own place in the scene.

Originally a series of anonymously produced techno records released throughout 2014 and a project of passion in conjunction with Tabernacle Records.

It's not just the individual records that matter. It's the moment they meet in a DJ-set. That fleeting, one of a kind space in between. When something almost impossible to grasp forms, just for a short while. Only to vanish again, remaining in the minds of those around.

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