PollerWiesen Day & Night

  • Wo? Jugendpark - Pollerwiesen, Sachsenbergstr. 1, 51063 Köln
  • Wann?

Tickets für PollerWiesen Day & Night

Let's embark on a journey through Day & Night. In this year we added extra options for your night time rave experience [Bootshaus & Gewölbe].

Pre-Register: https://m.me/pollerwiesen

Pre-Register closes on March 28 at 16:00h. All Subscribers will get an individual link to Phase I Tickets on March 28 at 18:00h. Please note that the amount of Phase I Tickets is strictly limited. Once they're gone, they're gone! Regular Presale starts on March 31 at 18:00h.



Phase I [DAY]- 16,00
Phase I [DAY & NIGHT] - 28,00

Phase II [DAY]- 19,00
Phase II [DAY & NIGHT] - 31,00

Phase III [DAY]- 22,00
Phase III [DAY & NIGHT] - 34,00

Phase IV [DAY]- 25,00
Phase IV [DAY & NIGHT] - 37,00

[Day] is age 16+
[Night] is age 18+


Saturday, August 3 2019
Jugendpark, Sachsenbergstr. 1, 51063 Köln


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