Summer Jazz: Black & Stemeseder: Bunky Swirl | Gille & Landfermann

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Tickets für Summer Jazz: Black & Stemeseder: Bunky Swirl | Gille & Landfermann

Summer Jazz Festival 2019

After the extremely successful premiere of the Summer Jazz Festival last year, we will again be presenting selected concerts on three summer evenings in July 2019. From 18th to 20th July 2019 the bands of Dave DouglasBobby Previte, as well as Bunky Swirl and Gille & Landfermann.

A brand new duo collaboration from Brooklyn NYC, BunkySwirl features Jim Black playing drums & samplers and Elias Stemeseder performing on piano & synths. The band is about all things plucked, pressed, rubbed, hammered, beaten, and then released into musical shapes and landscapes on the fly.This duo traverses all areas between improvisation and composition and use of all available instruments equally to sonically manipulate the moment.Their songbook for this evening consists of original compositions by Stemeseder and Black, along with pieces composed by their musical friends and cohorts.

Sebastian Gille & Robert Landfermann Duo: An unheard-of tension lies in the space, a power that emanates from the playing of this saxophonist Sebastian Gille, from the care with which he makes every single note his own. A tone, of an almost unrestrained emotional intensity, in which the breath can be heard with all the warmth, sensitivity and vulnerability and the will to cross borders - radically and at the same time shyly pleading, in an unmistakable, individual form. Besides Gille, Robert Landfermann is also one of the most extraordinary voices on the European jazz scene. As much as his work as a sideman shapes the sound of current young bands, his solo playing shows stupendous virtuosity and inventiveness. Landfermann composes for the double bass as well as for an orchestra and creates an intense, expressive and enormously diverse music with amazing timbres. Gille und Landfermann share a long musical and deep friendship. This strong connection noticeably creates an atmosphere of attention and mutual respect in the interaction, producing a music of great stylistic unity and tonal uniqueness. A music that does not seek the fast effect, but lives from fine structure and deeper meanings. This music has something mysterious about it, it shimmers and gently creates its own sound worlds with great inner tension.

Summer Jazz Festival 2019
18.07.19 Dave Douglas
19.07.19 Bobby Previte
20.07.19 Bunky Swirl and Gille & Landfermann

Jim Black (dr, electronics), Elias Stemeseder (p), Sebastian Gille (ss, ts), Robert Landfermann (kb)


concert hall
Start 20:00

24 €/16 € red. PresalePlease note: vendors of presale-tickets may charge additional fees.24 €/16 € red. Box Office



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