Counterweight pres. Stef Mendesidis

  • Wo? Rote Sonne, Maximiliansplatz 5, 80333 München
  • Wann?
Stef Mendesidis [Klockworks, Projekts | Moscow]
Anthro [Pls.Uk, Black Carpet | Amsterdam]
Marco H [Counterweight | Munich]
Gonzo MDF [Counterweight | Munich]

Entry: 12€

For this hot month we’ve prepared a equally hot lineup for you. This time we have two artists we’ve been following for a while and they’ve never played in Munich before, Anthro and Stef Mendesidis.

Stef Mendesidis is resident of one of the most iconic techno clubs in Moscow, Monasterio. He’s well known for his fast paced highly energetic sets (just check out his SlamRadio Podcast). Regarding Stef’s productions, he has been signed by Klockworks (Ben Klock) where he already released two solo EPs and by Cleric’s Projekts where he released an EP in 2018.
Stef was born in USSR and has Greek roots. He spent his youth in Thessaloniki where he got fascinated by the early-days techno sound at local raves. This determined his future path.

In his early 20s Stef moved to Moscow where in 2012 he started playing in clubs. In 2013 he became a resident of the legendary Monasterio club which has just opened its doors to true techno fans in Moscow. Sharing the scene with the most notable techno artists, he mastered his techniques and eventually developed his own recognizable sound. Nerd in grain, Stef sharpened his self-education by diving deep into the analogue essence of sound. Playing on 4 decks and using miscellaneous drum loops of his own production, Stef creates techno on the go, always leaving space for contextual improvisation.
Nowadays Stef is shaking dancefloors of the most significant techno clubs and his gigs are always a blast. His shows are a pure reflection of straight-forward outbreaks and never-ending dynamics that provide a genuine one-of-a-kind experience to passionate ravers.

Anthro combines a variety of Industrial impacts with uplifting percussion and staggering Synths.
With releases on Genesa Records (Scalameriya’s Label), T/W/B and PLS.UK, he earned support from the likes of Perc, Scalameriya, Truss, Rebekah & many more. And a shit load of new music is coming in the near future.

Another focus is on his own label Black Carpet Records, with heavy Industrial dipped projects that are waiting to rise up soon.

Our two resident pool boys Gonzo MDF and Marco H will check the temperature before and after those amazing artists, to make sure you don’t regret wearing just your swimming suit on the dancefloor.

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