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NOIR - PITCH BLACK DRUM&BASS is opening the new year with special guest JUMPAT to kick off the first in a series of events to celebrate 25 YEARS of NME CLICK.

Time flies as they say and it´s been a long journey from one-off gigs in 94 to Club Y in 95, over Cave Club to Tanz der Hexen in 97 - the 'Urknall' for the Drum&Bass scene in Ulm. This led to a residency at Roxy´s weekly Tanzhalle, shortly followed by the birth of the StepUp! radioshow in 98 and the Touchdown events with the first international bookings and live radiobroadcasts in 99. Echoes From The Future kicked off in 2000 and lasted until #100 in 2010, in between the FEEEL! open-air-festival took place. The first record 'Lovers Rock' on Dimensions Records in 2003 was followed by much more music inform of records, mixtapes, CDs and digital releases. Since 2010 we run Noir - Pitch Black Drum&Bass at Cabaret Eden. As a 'Thank You' we will put on bi-monthly events throughout the whole year and invite close artists we built friendships with over the years. More news as they reveal, we are happy you went all the way with us, you know we aren´t easy sometimes ;)

JUMPAT is one of those close artists. He visited us various times over the years and is one of our besties when we hang at La Cinta beach when at Sun and Bass in Sardinia. He´s resident there since the festival kicked off and always brings firing and diverse selections aimed at the floor. His productions found homes on labels like Basswerk, Dutty Audio, Cyanide, Protect Audio, Delta 9 or T3K. And lately he also found a new residency a DFRNT. We´re happy to have him back and can´t wait for the 26th to kick off 2019 with a bang together with you!

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