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3 bands out of Contra Records team join together as one for an amazing tour! / Bad Co. Project / Lion's Law / La Inquisición / their ara LA FAMILIA (on Tour) 🔥

👉 Bad Co. ProjectLion's LawLa Inquisición

The project led by Sucker, known for being the mastermind behind OXYMORON, keeps on testing the ticking of time and will bring back on tour some of the finest hymns of streetpunk history. Fuck the 90´s, the 00´s, the ´10 and beyond!!

Without any doubt, the band that had made France be reborn as one of worldwide Oi!´s capital. The lions of Paris have assaulted Oi! Olympus and are now one of the most consecrated name of the genre around the globe. They´ll be supporting in this tour their new EP, sung in french, "Zonard”.

Hailing from Barcelona, La Inquisición is looking for revenge. They bring the pain, the unfinished nights of agony and pain, en the rawest Punkrock ever written in spanish language. Beyond the music, the lyrics and the pain, "Lux", their first LP, it´s a proof of nonconformity and radicalism of a generation that refuse to vanish.

Contra Records / Pogorausch-Concerts / Pirates Press Records / LSM Vinyl / HFMN CREW

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