The Back To Skool Jam* Zulu Nation 45th Anniversary Celebration

  • Wo? Kontext Wiesbaden, Welfenstraße 1b, 65183 Wiesbaden
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Hip Hop Music before hip hop music. Its time for the Hip Hop nation to go "Back to Skool". Hip Hop class 101 will have DJ Mike La Rock (Harlem NYC) and DJ MikiLeaks (Heidelberg) rocking the one's and two's playing the selections that would become the foundation of Hip Hop music. The Emcees for the evening representing Heidelberg are the "Golden Era Warriors" . "Dangerous Mainz" Bboy crew will be in the house. This is an opportunity to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Universal Zulu Nation with us which is officially observed on November 12th, Infinity Lesson 6 - Green Book The Zulu Nation promotes the "5th Element" of Hip Hop which is Knowledge and actively tries to educate the masses about the history and foundational elements of true Hip Hop culture. "When we made Hip Hop we made it hoping it would be about Peace Love Unity and Having Fun so that people coould get away from the negativity that was plaguing our streets(gang violence drug abuse self hate violence amongst thoose of African and Latino descent) Even though this negativity still happens here and there as the culture progresses we play a big role in conflict resolution and enforcing positivity" Hip hop is the vehicle to inummerable lessons!

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