185668232's Sing-Song Sound-Scape

Wo? Madame CLAUDE, Lübbener Str. 19, 10997 Berlin

Wann? Tuesday, 03.12.2019 19:00

Madame Claude Berlin hosts NYC's 185668232 for its' 1st Berlin based tour date, specifically to sample its' uniquely upside down live incidental audience ambiance into a sequence of sing-song sound-scapes and audio reactionary on-the-fly streaming experiential video projection mapping demonstrations.

"185668232" (NYC)
||:Σ⇔mc²[ॐ]ø/⚥Ⓐ∞°©¢:|| ♭<#
Live Multimedia Vapor Glitch Noise Activism

Official: www.185668232.org
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Featuring Will Davis on prepared & improvised SAW through the 185668232inc.

More added to show by venue as a multi genre event that 185668232 fits immediately between.

So now it's free before 20:30!

GET IN FROM: 19.00 (Please note that before this time no one will be in the venue to open the door)

SOUNDCHECK (Sound technician arriving at 19:30):

19.30 till 20.15 185668232
20.15 till 21.00 The Division Men


21.30 The Division Men
22.30 18566823285668232

23.45 CURFEW for 'Live' music (the bar is of course still open later)

DJ from 20.30 ->
(maybe I can take your requests like iDo in NYC after my set and mangle the sounds into a pretty ambient beat without copy-right)

... iWill be wandering around Berlin + house sitting with Will Davis so please reach out if you would like to collaborate in any genre or go find a beautiful place to make a music video ...


p.RETTY_s.OUND_ ||:
The audio from this promotional video is all the songs from eXiSTuRe album layered on top of each other and faded in...