Beatbox Battle Looping Masters - Loop Station World Championship

  • Wo? Gretchen, Obentrautstr. 19-21, 10963 Berlin
  • Wann?


We gonna present you with this new music festival format a special competition made only for vocal looping artists. 30 of the worlds best human beatboxing loop station performer will show up there vocal DJ skills at the Gretchen Club in Berlin, Germany and fight for the world title. This event will become the next milestone in the vocal music culture and guaranteed a full dance floor with electronic music made by the human voice. Each musician had to perform a 15 minutes solo showcase to make the party crowd in attendance dance and hype the audience in a music sound clash against the competition opponents. We will crown the most skilled performer of the night as new Beatbox Battle Loop Station World Champion. Don't miss this historical event and travel to Berlin. #BBBWC

15:00 Doors Open
15:45 Opening Ceremony
16:00 Block A - Artists 1-5
17:45 Block B - Artists 6-10
19:30 Block C - Artists 11-15
21:15 Block D - Artists 16-20
23:00 Block E - Artists 21-25
00:45 Block F - Artists 26-30
02:20 Jury Showcase
03:30 Winner Ceremony
04:00 End

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