Berlin Dubcafe

Wo? Monarch Bar, Skalitzerstr. 134, 10997 Berlin

Wann? Sunday, 08.12.2019 17:30

The second edition of the Berlin Dubcafe. We are happy to announce the live Dub band 'qnp' from Berlin and Peacetime Sound, also from Berlin, active in the scene for 20 years!

qnp: Formed in Berlin in late 2017 by bass veterans Brian May aka "Beam Up" and Barthez from "Braintheft". Deeply rooted in dub, dubstep & bass music!
Beamed up from the ashes of Braintheft comes qnp, a bleep heavy excursion into outer bass. Call it post-dubstep, minimal techno or whatever you like...

An unholy alliance between Barthez from Braintheft and producer Brian 'Beam Up' May, qnp began their journey in 2017. Sharing a love of bass music of all genres, until now they've focused on developing their sound and their live show.

Beam Up's musical love affair started off by playing Big Band Swing horn as a youth. Since then he's been performing and (later on) DJing music from all 5 continents. Since '02, he's been living between Melbourne, Osaka & Berlin supporting artists such as The Beastie Boys, Fugazi, Mad Professor and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, and releasing vinyl on 45Seven, BBE, ZamZam, Bassmaessage and Beaming Productions.

Barthez’s first band, Braintheft, were a live dubwise three piece band from Ireland and France, formed in 2008. Developed from the sounds of dubstep, dub & trip hop, they constructed a wall of sound combined with heavy basslines, breaks and samples, which they played live across Europe. For the last 2 years he's been busy building a new sound with qnp and diving into the world of modular synthesizers.

Peacetime Sound are Ben Jammin and Dubfish, who started the project in the early 2000´s. Ben crossed his way in 2003 and they started to run parties in venues like the 'Rauchhaus' or as part of the legendary 'Dubwohnzimmer'. Back in those years, they were also running the 'Dubcafe' reason why we invited them, as a tribute to those days. Beside they play strictly vinyl and have a very unique selection. Dubfish also curated the Dubstation stage at Fusion Festival.

Also the Dubbing You Crew is playing, we are happy to have Cate Hops on board, who will be playing as well as Tom Battery!

START 17:30
END 23:30
5 €

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