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Berlin's street food party is back! Returning once a month to our beautiful Spreeside location in July, August and September, we happily invite you to get together and enjoy them all!

BITE CLUB's at Summer 2019:
July 26 -
Aug 9 -
Sep 1 -

Even tho we've set all the upcoming dates now, this particular event is to pass on information about the August's Bite Club.

Best old and exciting new vendors, Berlin's top disco DJs, local and high quality beverages, iconic Berlin skyline view.

★ Food trucks and stalls ★ Bite Club Sound System ★ Craft beer ★ Natural wines ★ Entertainment ★ Live Music ★

★ DJ Fox Power -
Soundcloud -

★ DJ The Pushamann
RA -

Mibap&Mibar. We are seriously happy to welcome back Mibap&Mibar with their self-invented Asian type of foods - Mibap with grains as the key ingredient, combined with tofu, mushroom, and vegetables, wrapped in seaweed and served with homemade dressings, additionally vegan blood cake and many more. Mibap&Mibar girls are always happy to introduce their several inventions and let you to taste them before you buy.

Sacred Soul Food brings out their notorious 100% plant based fried “Chikken” in various intriguing forms. Divine, delicious and cruelty free, definite must-visit!.

Casa Pepa Berlin cooking up authentic Spanish market cuisine - paella – from the best available ingredients, following the tips and tricks from old family traditions.

★ Happy Banh Mi – a long time Asian cuisine chef Jahn and restaurant manager Kristin fell in love with the Banh Mi during backpacking across Asia. They took it from there, played with flavours, added some twists and came up with their own fantastic balanced taste - French baguette, soft and creamy on the inside, crunchy and crispy on the outside, filled with a juicy chicken or seared tofu, rounded off with typical Asian coriander and Japanese radish. Fits perfectly with summer!

Gorilla Barbecue - Award winning burgers with meat from hand-picked farms, buns from traditional bakery and sauces with secret recipes. These guys really love what they are doing and there’s no doubt it reflects in the tastes.

HOLYCRAB - an innovative street food concept, using Louisiana crawfish and Chinese mitten crab in their plentiful sandwiches. Mouthwatering crab rolls!

MikroKosmos is an innovative food concept built around consuming insects and the future of eating choices. They call themselves the "growtainer" of ideas and projects that want to help western society get closer to insects, overcoming the gap of disgust and fear. The objective of MikroKosmos is to create new fields of interaction to arouse the curiosity of different consumers about how insects matter and the nutritional value of insects.

Lino's Barbecue - True Texas style BBQ experts here in Berlin. Lino’s BBQ offer the juiciest Brisket with homemade pickles and sauces and their delicious homemade potato salad.

Samurai Spoon bringing in authentic okonomiyaki (a savoury Japanese pancake) with a body of lettuce and flour griddled to perfection and topped with chopped nori, bonito flakes, Kewpie mayo and special Okonomi sauce.

Takoyaki and Taiyaki Laden with true Japanese traditional bites - Takoyaki balls with octopus inside and Taiyaki - a waffle in fish form with homemade filling.

★ Quiche & Soup - A family from Moscow bringing their food project “Quiche & Soup” to Bite Club. Sasha and Pasha, connected by true love to each other and to food, baking traditional homemade quiche based on their close French friend family’s recipe, accompanied with perfectly matching soup. Вкусные!

1 € of the entrance fee will be going towards our different charity partners to give something back to Berlin.

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