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In the run up to May 1st, we're bringing back our spectacular Disco Brunch, a firm favourite in our annual roster!

As in the years before, the all day boozy brunch bash will take place in our tried-and-trusted Spree-side Arena location BUT for the first time ever, we'll be opening our doors to Berlin's BADESCHIFF river pool. More dance, more prance (in the sand), and plenty of beach chairs to lounge and enjoy the finest in Berlin street food.
Entry will be possible from both Arena and Badeschiff.

We'll be hosting some of Berlin's finest food concepts serving up the tastiest selection of brunch classics and a whole lot more. Promising new vendors will take to the griddles alongside some of BITE CLUB's all-stars, who will be treating us to specially created dishes. Joining the BITE CLUB bar this year will be the brand new BADESCHIFF AIRSTREAM bar to help us keep the tipple and drinks flowing well into the evening.

Soundsystem ★ Ketel One Bloody Mary Bar ★ Food trucks & stalls ★ Freshly pulled Coffee ★ Craft beer ★ Natural wines by 8greenbottles ★ Sweets and snacks ★ Brunch specialties ★ Fruity cocktails & Beach vibes ★

★ The Ghost, are Berlin-based Brits Josh Tweek and James Creed, the DJ duo behind Berlin’s first mobile record shop, which is housed in a 1970s Mercedes camper van. Running events and touring the globe The Ghost are experts in getting the dance floor jumping, traversing genres and styles with a zesty and unique approach. Tweek and Creed will be navigating our Disco Brunch open-air vibes.

Brünch: The pop-up Brünch was brought to life in London by entrepreneur, self-taught cook Noemi, who brought her vibrant feasts back to Berlin in 2017, combining German Frühstück with English brunch culture. Her buckwheat waffles with sweet or savoury toppings is a raved-about favourite and she will come up with some new recipes specially for Disco Brunch!

Butter Bronson's: Free range chicken thighs are marinated overnight in Irish buttermilk before being deep fried and wedged into a soft, glazed brioche bun. Stuffed with top-notch tasty additions like streaky bacon, chipotle mayo and Irish mature red cheddar, or homemade pickles and lettuce. However they choose to present their award-winning burger, it’ll be some damn good eatin’. Can’t wait!

Fine Bagels: Since 2013 Fine Bagels have been rolling, boiling, and baking authentic NY bagels. A bakery of wonderful and scrumptious doughy treats of Jewish-American tradition. They will be joining us to fill hungry holes with hot bagels.

The Ford Dimension: Here to give us our fix on Mexican cuisine with a brunch twist. Think of belly-hugging tacos, vibrant classics of Californian-Mexican diners and fill it with the comforts of brunchy ingredients like eggs, bacon, chipotle mayo, added to beans, mashed potatoes, refried beans, salsa...

Fräulein Kimchi: Seoul-Food, Korean comfort cuisine fusing Korean, Canadian, Californian and German flavours into unique and delicious take on classics like Korean Fried Chicken, Rice Bowls as well as her signature fusion style, Kimchi on everything!

Geist im Glas: No hangover stands a chance against these lip-smacking Southern-style breakfast classics with a twist, including their famous pancakes smeared with dulce de leche for the soul and some extra discoey assets.

Kanaan: This lovingly-crafted Israeli/Palestinian project is spreading diversity with hummus and their multiple variations of the humble chickpea. A Middle-Eastern restaurant from their famous Prenzlauer Berg post will be at Disco Brunch to prove how popular uniting Israeli and Palestinian kitchens are within a time of international eating sensibilities.

Khwan: Wood and charcoal fired Thai BBQ bringing you the aromatic diversity of the North East region Isaan. Khwan will deliver a flavour punch and from experience we know it will be impressive. Think GaiYang chicken wings, caramilized grilled pork, green papaya salad and grilled corn.

Mama Shabz: Mama Shabz is Pakistani food inspired by Shabz's mothers recipes. Simply a beautiful and timeless soul sharing her heritage through the best of home-style cooking, such as her well known Pakoras or our favourite paratha wraps around delicious fillings like chickpea salad, spiced beef with peas, or rajma.

★ Manifestaurant: Argentinian wild red king prawns grown in the clear waters off the Atlantic coast of Patagonia and devoured at Disco Brunch! Hurrah! Manifestaurant and their exciting Prawns Bar outset will be grilling and deep frying prawns and serving them in salad wraps with homemade salad dressing and cocktail sauce.

Oyster Klub: OysterKlub is a social gathering to slurp on amazing organic French oysters from a family-run business in Marennes-Oléron. The oysters are non-GMO and come from the deep Atlantic and matured in Fine de Claire waters which gives it an Emeraude green colour and a superb taste! Served fresh with french butter and bread, baked with love by Albatross. Exclusively for Disco Brunch, they will be serving their signature "seafood" sandwich.

PIC NIC 34: A notable Bite Club all-star serving Italian street-food favourites, Gianni has surprised us with dishes like his grilled mutton skewers and piadinas filled with Italian sausage and cheeses. We can’t wait to see what treats he has prepared for us this year.

Sacred Soul Food: 100% vegan and the best of plant-based deep fried CHICCEN in town. Home-made, cruelty-free and insanely delicious fried chiccen bites served on a Southern-style waffle with complimentary sauces such as: vegan cheese, blueberry BBQ, Korean hot sauce, of your choice.

Ya Me Num Num's: When the flavours of the east meets brunch. Ya Me Num Num is giving a South East Asian twist to western brunch classics and have taken onboard the mission to showcase how an early lunch is done in the distant orient. Take for instance their Kimchi French Toast-- homemade kimchi and bacon in home-baked brioche, dipped in whipped egg and coconutmilk. Yum!

★ Zum heiligen Teufel: Debuting their delicious deeds at Disco Brunch is Zum Heiligen Teufel and their Panzerotti. Be sure not to miss out on their crispy-and-soft "fried pizza" pockets filled with melty mozzarella cheese and classic Italian tomato sauce, Pecorino, spinach, or eggplant. Deep fried and served warm.

Cookies & Co: These guys know how to create the perfect relationship between coffee and cake, two things that complete each other in the most natural and subtle way. The real treat is the sweet-toothed tendencies of pastry chef Mira, and we can't wait to be spoiled by her.

Garçon de Café: A quality cafe experience out of a vintage old-timer. Garcon will pull up in their mobile coffee bar to serve fresh coffee and caffeine-free homemade beverages.

Jones ice cream: Jones whips up delicous all-natural ice cream without messing about with dehydrated powders, perserves or artificial flavours and colouring. Their yellow truck is all about fresh and fun cream chemistry and never fails to surprise us with experimental ice cream flavours like mojito, raspberry & yoghurt, meringue puffs and chai latte.

Paletas Berlin: Popsicles completely natural with real fruit and handmade with love. Be sure to grab an ice-cold treat out of this trusty mobile freezer which plucks the most delightful flavours such as piña colada, strawberry-prosecco, cucumber-lemon and hibiscus-raspberry. Pure cold pleasure and definitely not just for kids.


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