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Copenhagen Specs in Berlin @ Arena Halle

During the past 5 years, copenhagen specs has established itself as an important part of the European eyewear business. The concept of the eyewear show has proven itself to have a great appeal towards the independent eyewear industry, and for a long time both exhibitors and visitors have encouraged us to expand  the concept to other cities in Europe.

Therefore copenhagen specs will open another eyewear show “copenhagen specs in berlin”in 2018 . The show will take place the 20-21st of October 2018 and in line with the copenhagen specs concept, the chosen venue is Arena Halle – an old depot for busses build in 1927 – in the centre of Berlin.

Morten Gammelmark, Founder/CEO of copenhagen specs says: “The ambition of copenhagen specs has always been to promote independent eyewear, and with the fantastic support from the eyewear brands and optical shops, we have now decided to expand the eyewear show to a new city. We are very confident, that our concept with simple wooden booths combined with the raw look of the venue will create an inspiring atmosphere. A perfect place to get inspired, buy and sell eyewear.”

He continues: “With this next step to Berlin, the goal is to promote independent eyewear even more, than we do today. We look forward to continue the close cooperation we have with all the independent eyewear brands and we look forward to work closely together with the independent shops in Germany and the surrounding countries.”

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