Dub Café

  • Wo? Monarch Bar, Skalitzerstr. 134, 10997 Berlin
  • Wann?
BERLIN DUBCAFE is a sunday party dedicated to Dubmusic and all it´s different styles, presented by Tom Battery and the Dubbing You Crew. From Roots to nowadays Bassmusic, some echo and delay, we and our guests want to show the magic of this unique and important music.

For this Berlin Dubcafe we have the one and only DISRUPT, label founder and boss of JAHTARI, giving his spin on Dubmusic - LIVE!!!

Since 2006 the german label JAHTARI not only keep digital reggae alive, but also give this music their own twist on it. After an endless amount of highclass productions, the label is not tired to reach out for new ways of exploring sound and music...we are really looking forward to this musical event.

Entrance is 5 €

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