Wo? Kit Kat, Köpenickerstr. 76, 10179 Berlin

Wann? Monday, 04.12.2023 22:00

Every Monday at Kit Kat Club we strive to bring you some of Berlin’s legends ,International Djs, upcoming talent, Live Acts etc. A night where traveling DJs and Live Acts simmer down from the weekend to play you some fine music, exploring genres and picking out records to move you right. Be it on vinyl or digital, Deep House or Techno, groovy cuts, ,trendy hip styles or classic vibes, this is your night.

No limits, it’s a fun night seamlessly mixed . It’s the pulse of Berlin which ticks on and on… ELECTRIC MONDAY is the place to be, designed for this purpose. Just the right dose of clubbing . SEE YOU ON MONDAY!

Come As You Are – Yourself! bring & spread love; melt with the Vibe. Strictly NO PHONES, CAMERAS No VIDEOS AND PHOTOGRAPHY inside!

Dear guests, if you have any questions regarding entrance to the party, dresscodes, entrance issues, feedback etc. – please write us at info@electricmonday.com