• Wo? House of Weekend, Alexanderstr. 7, 10178 Berlin
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Post your name on the wall

Fifteen - Hip Hop Party @ House of Weekend

We want to create a spot for people with open minded visions of music & fashion. An esthetic look is an essential step to treat your body like it deserved ♥

beneficial entrance fee
〰 post the names of your crew on the wall
〰 till 1 o'clock only 6€ fee
〰 last registration at 8pm

〰 Amazing Rooftop open all night long
〰 huge line up

〰 DJ Force
〰 DJ Racclezz

photo by Tina Dubrovsky

〰 Weekend Club
〰 Alexanderstr. 7
〰 10178, berlin city

table service
〰 e-mail:
〰 tel. : +49 (0)152 24293140
〰 message to: Fifteen - Every Single Friday

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