International Student Festival

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In October more than a thousand international students will arrive in Berlin, this will be celebrated with the largest party of the semester on Friday the 4th of October.

The International Student Festival will bring all local and international students together from the FU Berlin, TU Berlin, Humboldt, ESCP, HTW, HWR, and many more.. 🎓🌍 This is a unique opportunity to meet all other international students.

Expect our favorite club of the city filled with all the people we are going to experience this semester in Germany with, so get ready for the first night out with with everyone! 🎉

▬▬▬ Tickets ▬▬▬

Tickets for our events sell out online in advance, the only difference between the different rounds is the price. The sooner you buy, the cheaper your ticket.

□□□□ First 100 Tickets: € 3.50 (SOLD OUT)
□□□□ Ticket 100 to 200: € 5.50
□□□□ Ticket 200 to 300: € 11.50
□□□□ Ticket 300 and after: € 14.50

Link to tickets:

▬▬▬ Event Details ▬▬▬

💃Dress up ; )
🕒22:00 – 04:00
📅 the 4th of October.
📍 Alexanderstraße 7 (Eingang Otto-Braun-Straße), 10178 Berlin, Germany
🔞Important: Please take a valid ID (Driver License, ID Card, or Passport)

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