Jimmy Trash / Ethnique Punch / Dj Die Soon

  • Wo? Monarch Bar, Skalitzerstr. 134, 10997 Berlin
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Horrorcore Japanese Downtempo, Leftfield Turkish Hip Hop, and Worldwide Electro on Vinyl in three acts:

20:00 Jimmy Trash (AU)
22:00 Ethnique Punch (TR)
23:00 Dj Die Soon (JP)

DJ Die Soon (JP)

Spawned from the underground hiphop scene of London, Die Soon casts dystopian freak beats across desolate, bleak landscapes. It’s hard, it’s disturbed; twisted imagination filtered through a SP-404.

Daisuke Imamura, known as DJ Die Soon, is a Japanese musician, DJ, illustrator and manga artist based in Berlin, Germany.

Obsessed with horror themes, he creates an artistic universe by weaving demon masks, Manga and other elements of Japanese culture into his drawings but also into his music, one inducing the other, either way…

Die Soon’s live concerts, albums, exhibitions and publications are followed by a growing public attracted by the approach his original art.

He recently self-released a tape “Mozzarella -Parallel Memory Pillow” which is his ambient project.

Ethnique Punch (TR)

Al'Eksan is a producer, mc and videographer who makes his own music and videos. He released many albums and singles throughout his search of old ethnic melodies within musical and linguistic dimensions.

Meanwhile he kept experimental and trippy hip hop as the prime element of his music and blended it with multiple genres within his productions, remixes and dj selections. He created a unique style on solo works and played together with too many appreciated musicians. Also he came up with a distinguish lyrical expression where entangled metaphors from cultural, philosophical, social, and political background are blending with his deep voice and trippy beats. Also his alter-mind project so-called Supreme Figur basically focused on figurative samples around sonic experiments. At the same time, he made short movies, music videos involved with different styles of vide- ographics. Ethnique Punch has widened fanbase and experience inside and outside of Anatolia via his gypsy tours and performances where he leads the audience into a mystical journey since'13. Beside all, after he graduated from Anadolu University, Cinema-TV Department, Al'Eksan is doing his Mas- ter's Degree on Digital Media at University of the Arts Bremen since 2017.


Film maker, dj, musician and creator of the raucous TRASHFEST event, has been an ambassador of rare and strange music from the world over.

Poster art by the amazing OSKA WALD

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