Louis Cole

  • Wo? Festsaal Kreuzberg, Am Flutgraben 2, 12435 Berlin
  • Wann?
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Louis Cole's solo show features his celebrated album 'Time', out now on Brainfeeder.

Presale: 25€ (plus fees) | Doors: 30€

YouTube: http://y2u.be/RhllQAiEQlM
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2CGXIPT
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/louiscolemusic/

Louis Cole’s instrument of choice is the drums, but he definitely knows his way around a killer set of changes. "Time", his third album, is brimming with strange, counterintuitive progressions— chords that seem to slip sideways, tumbling into one another, jostling and pivoting just when you don’t expect. An unusual mixture of hard funk and soft pop, like Zapp and Burt Bacharach stuck in an elevator together, Cole's is a sly, jubilant sound; it makes good use of the way funk also thrives upon a sense of wrongness, a screw-faced delight at things gone awry.

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