Me & the Monster - EP release show

Wo? Cassiopeia, Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin

Wann? Friday, 14.02.2020 19:30

Me & the Monster EP release show on the 14th of February at Cassiopeia
Support: Lina Arndt

Cassiopeia - Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin

14th February 2020
Doors: 19.30
Show: 20.00

Pre-sale: 8€ (No extra fees)
At the door: 12€ (10€ for students)

Me & the Monster

In 2017, four musicians from different countries gathered in the concrete jungle of Berlin, and created Me & the Monster, an international band of Indie music.
Due to its international origin, Me & the Monster played with its various influences, which made the indigenous elements of South America fuse with electronic features and created what the band today describes as "progressive indie/electronic/tribal": a mixture of sticky melodies, flashy rhythms and challenging lyrics.
Some of the bands that have influenced the monsters are Alt-J, Imagine Dragons, Novo Amor, Bon Iver and Woodkid.
The name of the band Me & the Monster describes modern man and his connection to the most original part of himself, the subconscious: his monster. The letters deal with issues of freedom and environmental and social awareness.

Lina Arndt

Lina Arndt is a singer songwriter in the best of traditions. Merging intimate narrative with sophisticated melody, her rich dark voice sings us songs that sound both fresh and familiar. Songs about love and friendship, loneliness and addiction, relationships both joyful and abusive.
Her young years belie her experience - she’s been through and disowned the commercial pop mill (google Lina Arndt, Voice of Germany if you will) and spent one productive year in London honing her songwriting.
Throughout, she remains down to earth, personal and approachable. No bullshit, no disguise, what you see is what you get. Typical Berliner.
She is accompanied by Steve Ney on bass, Marcellus Puhlemann (Nina Hagen Band) on drums and Michael O’Ryan (Nina Hagen Band) on guitar.
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