Molly's Peck

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Molly's Peck kommt in Musik & Frieden (Blaues Zimmer):
Mittwoch, 20. November. 2019
Einlass: 19:00 , Beginn: 20 Uhr

Support: Ashley Scrace

Tickets gibt es für 12€ online unter

und für 15€ am Tag der Veranstaltung (nur in bar!).

“We both grew up with a deep passion for music and finally got the chance to realize it together”

If you are a fan of people that make music for the love and stay true to who they are, you will love Molly’s Peck. The band - led by singer and violinist Julia Selbherr (Germany) and guitarist Guilherme Castelhano (Brazil) – blend sweet, slick melodies with the funk-soul rhythm from influences such as Joss Stone, Derek Trucks, and Gregory Porter.

The couple met at Los Angeles College of Music in 2014 and played with singer-songwriters in historical venues such as ‘House of Blues’ and ‘The Mint’ in Los Angeles. During this musical journey, Molly’s Peck immersed themselves in some of the most inspiring cities of the world: Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Valencia and London.

After their debut album release ‘Wrapped in Gold’ in November 2017, they announced to continue their musical journey in Berlin where they currently release several singles throughout 2019. Their first singles "My Man", "You Should Know" and "See You Tonight" are out now and available on all major digital streaming platforms.

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