Poesie x Lukins

  • Wo? Ritter Butzke, Ritterstr. 26, 10969 Berlin
  • Wann?
POESIE X LUKINS - 08.02.2020

On the 8th of February Poesie Musik and LUKINS will fuse together for an outstanding Saturday night full of live acts and DJ performances. We can’t wait to share the floors at lovely Ritter Butzke with Bebetta, Nils Hoffmann, Martin Waslewski, EDED, CIOZ, T.M.A and Idaam. Come by and fuse together with us!

Bebetta (Get Physical, Monaberry)
Nils Hoffmann (Poesie)
Martin Waslewski (Poesie, Exploited)
EDED (Poesie, Moodmusic)
CIOZ (Get Physical, Monaberry)
T.M.A (Lukins, Hommage)
Idaam (Lukins, Poesie)

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