Raving Iran Loving Birgit

Wo? Birgit & Bier, Schleusenufer 3, 10997 Berlin

Wann? Friday, 05.05.2017 20:00

Living the hedonistic dream of Berlin's techno scene, we often take our liberties for granted. The long, pleasuring weekends help us forget about how different things could have been, or how different they are in too many corners of this world. Last summer, when the documentary "Raving Iran" stormed into our scene, it was a vivid reminder to our privileged position. Together with two brave DJs and ravers by heart, we cried, laughed, and danced, and now, we want to do it together with them. In the very heart of Kreuzberg and the Berliner scene, in the great Wonderland of Birgit&Bier, we shall celebrate freedom together. Freedom, and love for music. A Raving Iran Rave in the Birgit: based on Iranian DJs as a tribute to the Iranian scene. Open Air film Screening from 20:00 (weather dependent). Rave from 22:00. ►◄►◄►◄ Lineup Wohnzimmer ◢ Moji AQUARIUS HEAVEN Iman Deeper Lineup Bunker ◢ NYMA Scared Of Heights Lineup Werkstatt ◢ Blade&Beard Jasmine Azarian Lineup Rummel ◢ Andi de Luxe
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