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The finest 80's and Modern Funk selection
with Boogie Dan („Planet030“) & Femdelic (The Brides/COOL WHIP)

Boogie & Femdelic have not only their love for Funk Music in common, moreover they were both dancers.

Boogie Dan was born on the outskirts of East Berlin to a German mother and a Palestinian father, and learned to break dance and run from neo-nazis with the local graffiti crew of his neighborhood.
After getting his first taste spinning on a friend's record player, Boogie Dan quickly switched to the tables.

Femdelic was born in the DDR to a German Mother and a kongolese Father. She slipped into the Funkmusic through her Dad who was Djing while he studied in Dresden and Berlin. Before her interest in Vinyl she was listening to Funk, practicing Breakdance and Popping.

Boogie & Femdelic are a danceable funky combination because they kept the frenetic energy and knowledge of the dance floor, and putting it nowadays to work on wax.

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