Sonido Trópico Berlin

  • Wo? Birgit & Bier, Schleusenufer 3, 10997 Berlin
  • Wann?
SONIDO TRÓPICO is a collective born in São Paulo, Brazil in 2014. It started as an event producer exploring unusual locations never explored before to make parties and brought several talents from the contemporary electronic music from the world to Brazil.

In the flow of the same movement, in this edition Sonido Trópico is proud to have some of the emerging artists from Brazil and Latin America that are presenting their work for the first time in Berlin.


◼ AndreVictor

◼ Billy Caso

◼ Burkamina

◼ Gerra G

◼ Holger Hecler

◼ Johnny da Cruz

◼ Kotoe

◼ Lia Paris & Band


◼ Martha Van Straaten

◼ Reple

◼ Ring & Dorf

◼ Shimon

◼ Sidirum

◼ Spaniol



◼ + TBA


Schleusenufer 3, 10997 Berlin

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